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Real Estate Transactions

Rampulla & Newstad LLP has a combined 50 years of experience handling a wide range of real estate transactions for our clients across New York and New Jersey.

Residential Real Estate

Your home is probably the single most significant asset you own. It is important that it is adequately protected during the course of a sale or purchase. We believe residential real estate transactions are complex matters to navigate. First, we help our clients through the contract negotiation and signing phase. At this initial step, the price, closing date, and other critical terms will be finalized. Aside from protecting your legal rights in negotiating and enforcing the terms contained in a Contract, the lawyer’s role is also to act as an “Escrowee” in holding the Purchaser’s down-payment in a special escrow account. Next, a title report, mortgage commitment, and inspections are finalized. We assist the Seller in clearing-up any violations, judgments or other clouds on title, obtaining a pay-off amount on any existing mortgages and coordinate with all parties to ensure that the date set for closing is met in a timely manner. Finally, the parties meet for the closing. During this meeting the parties will execute the deed, mortgage papers, and tax forms.

Purchasing a new home is an important, and sometimes daunting, moment in your life. The last thing you want is to be taken advantage of during the purchase or sale process. That’s why you want to have an experienced real estate attorney on your side throughout the transaction. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property, the team at Rampulla & Newstad LLP is here to protect your interests.

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