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Should Your Beneficiary Serve as Your Executor or Trustee?


For most people, choosing an executor or trustee means choosing someone close to them – a family member or a friend. However, this often means their executor or trustee is also a beneficiary. But, will choosing a beneficiary create a conflict of interest? The short answer is, the best way to avoid a conflict is […]

When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Estate Plan?

estate plan

For many, an estate plan is created and never looked over again – until it’s necessary to do so. But did you know that you should really look at your estate plan as something that grows and changes with you? Think about what has happened in your life since the last time you looked over […]

What Will Happen to Your Digital Estate When You Pass Away?

estate digital planning

Even if you are not tech savvy, you likely have a digital “estate” comprised of assets with financial and sentimental value. You probably also have plenty of personal information floating around out there in the digital universe. To protect these assets, and to ensure you don’t leave behind a massive digital mess for your loved […]

How to Discuss Division of Assets with Loved Ones


Estate planning is a difficult topic to broach no matter what, but conversations can also make things much easier for your loved ones and limit the possibility of disputes in the future by holding these conversations in advance. Clear communication can reduce stress and provide clarity around your intentions, making it easier for your loved […]

Preserving Your Legacy: What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Estate Planning


Many entrepreneurs refer to their business as their “baby” and rightfully so. Like a child, entrepreneurs nurture their business from an idea through conception, to growth, and maturity. Running a business is much like raising a child. Both require a lot of time, tears, resources, and effort to be successful. People often prepare for what […]

Estate Planning and Digital Assets

What happens to a person’s Facebook account when he or she passes away? What about the photos you share on social media, the documents you’ve stored in the cloud, your texts to family and friends? While the law is clear about how to handle physical property when a person dies, it is only now beginning […]

Estate Planning Fundamentals

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Clients often ask us about the estate planning tools we use and what each of them can accomplish. Here is a list of the most commonly used tools and brief descriptions of their purpose. Last Will and Testament This allows you to specify “who gets what” when you pass away. Without your own Last Will […]